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spring & summer hats


Hemp/Linen Skull Cap Cotton Round Cap Linen Round Cap with Bamboo Flower Cotton Skull Cap


The hats on this page are made from lighter weight natural plant fibers such as hemp, linen (also known as flax), cotton, bamboo, tencel, and various types of silk.  All hats are handpun, hand dyed, and hand made by me, and the designs are all my own original creations.  I like the natural color of some of the fibers, so I often leave them undyed.  I've also used some colorganic cotton, which  comes in natural shades of pale green, beige and brown.  This means that it grows naturally in these colors. This unique type of cotton will darken slightly when washed in hot water with soap or detergent.  To avoid this result, wash in cold water only.  All of the hats shown below are recent creations.  For instructions on ordering a custom hat please see the How to Order page. 

Click images for more info and enlarged view.


  A.  Hemp big flower round cap with beaded bamboo flower.  Size medium large. $70


 B.  Mostly cotton, with blends of cotton/silk, wool/cotton/silk & pink mohair curls.  Slouchy style, loose fit.  One size fits all. $70   (SOLD)

C.  Linen & organic cotton open stitch tam. Size medium large $65

 D. Cotton  & bamboo skull cap.  Size medium $45  (See also Allie's Hats page) (SOLD)
E.  Hemp, linen, bamboo, cotton round cap.  Size medium.  $45 (SOLD)
F.  Organic cotton & linen longer round cap.  Size medium large $48 (SOLD)
  G. Organic hemp, linen, bamboo & cotton round cap.  Size medium $48
  H.  Linen snood style big flower hat with linen @ cotton flower center.  Size medium large $70 (SOLD)

  I.  Linen & cotton skull cap.  Size medium $45 (SOLD)

J.  Cotton & linen skull cap.  Size medium large. $48

K. All hemp round cap with beaded flower.  The bead is sandalwood.  Size medium $70 (SOLD)
L. Bamboo & hemp slouchy style hat Fits size medium large.  $60  (See also Allie's Hats page) 



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