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Allie's Hats

This is my daughter, Alexis, also known as "Allie."  She became interested in spinning a couple of years ago and is now making some very nice hats of her own.  So, I've decided to make a page for her and will be posting some of her work here.  She's also made some great looking scarves but does them mainly as custom orders.  If she decides to start selling her hand painted yarns, I will post those here as well. 

Allie likes making kids' hats, and since I don't make a lot of those myself, I thought this would provide some interesting variety for my customers.  She's also made some small to medium adult size hats that would probably fit an older child as well.   Most of the yarns in her wool hats are spun in a medium bulky weight so are quite thick and warm.  She's also been experimenting with various other fibers, including bamboo, tencel, hemp, mohair and pet hair (otherwise known as chiengora) and will spin skeins for anyone interested in having their pet hair spun into yarn

Click on  the images  below for more views and information.



 These hats are all baby and small child size. 

A.  All wool skull cap with flower.  Fits a child 6 to 10 years or size small adult. $40 (SOLD)

B.  Mohair & bamboo cap.  Toddler size 1 to 3 years $30

C. Wool & bamboo skull cap with flower.  Child size 6 to 10 years $40 (SOLD)

D. All wool watch cap. Size 1 to 3 years $30 (See also Kids & Baby Hats)

These hats are small adult size and would also fit an older child

E. Wool & angora skull cap.  Size medium $40

F. Thick spun wool.  Size medium.  $40


G. Wool & malamute hair skull cap. Size small medium adult or child. $40 (SOLD)


H.  Wool & hemp. Child  or small medium adult size.  $50

These are child and adult size hemp and bamboo hats.


I. Bamboo & hemp slouchy round cap.  Size medium large. $70

J. Hemp with cotton & silk flower. Size medium. $75 (SOLD)

K. Hemp & bamboo skull cap.  Size medium $45 (SOLD)

L. Hemp & bamboo watch cap.  Size medium $65


These are medium to extra large adult size mixed fiber hats.


M. Wool, cotton, hemp & bamboo extra long round cap. Medium large $60

N. Hemp & bamboo slouchy. Size medium large. $65 (SOLD)

   O.  Hemp & bamboo slouchy.  Size extra large $65(SOLD)

    P. Mohair/silk/wool knit hat.  Size large. $75 (SOLD)

These are adult size wool and plant fiber slouchy hats.


Q. Chiengora, angora & wool snood style hat.  Size large. $60

R.  Hemp & bamboo slouchy.  Size medium large. $65 (SOLD)

S. Wool, bamboo & corn fiber snood style hat.  Size  medium to large.  $65 

T.  Wool, camel down, silk & hemp slouchy style  long round cap.  Size medium.  $65 
(See also Tams and Snoods page)

These are medium to large adult size mixed fiber hats.

U.  Wool ski cap.  Size medium large. $60

V. Bamboo & cotton skull cap.  Size medium $40

W. Cotton & bamboo skull cap. Size medium large $45 (SOLD)

X. Hemp, bamboo, cotton & angora round cap.  Size medium $48



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