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I've been making hats with decorative small flowers on them in various styles for awhile, but over time I began making larger, more interesting and dramatic flowers.  This is how the Big Flower Hat came about. This style can be snug-fitting like a 1930's cloche, or looser and floppier, a bit like a tam.  I made all the first Big Flower Hats out of hemp, linen, cotton & silk, then branched out into wool, mohair, alpaca, silk and tencel.  These unique designs are all my own original work, and no patterns were used.  I make a limited number of these hats, so do not generally have more than a couple in stock.  Therefore most of those below have already been sold.  However, I'm happy to do custom orders.   Hats are generally priced from $60 to $70 depending on time and cost of materials.  Hats pictured below that are either currently for sale or recently sold will click to enlarge.  All hats are handspun, hand dyed and one-of-a-kind.  Once a hat is sold, I can't duplicate it, but I can usually make something similar during the months when I do custom orders (January through September).  Directions for custom ordering may be found on the How to Order page. 

*Sorry these are sold out again.  Will make more soon.


A. "Drama Queen" Slightly floppy cloche style in Corriedale wool.  Flower is silk, wool & malamute hair. Size medium large $65. (SOLD)

B. "Bright & Frilly"  Slightly floppy style wool with silk & mohair flower. (SOLD)

C. This hat is a long cloche style round cap but I think the fancy flower qualifies it for a spot on this page.  The body of the hat is wool with stripes of wool and llama wool plied together. Size extra large. $60 (SOLD)

D. All hemp cloche style round cap. The bead in the center of the flower is sandalwood.  Size medium $70. (SOLD)

C.  New big flower hat "Super Nova".  Mostly wool, with silk, malamute, and wool flower.  Size medium.  $75

 D. Hemp round cap with bamboo beaded flower.  Size medium large. $65

E. Larger, slouchier, snood style version of "F" in linen & cotton.  Size medium large $70 (SOLD)

F.  "Party Time"  Snug fitting cloche style in hemp with a linen band.  Flower is tencel, silk, cotton & hemp. (SOLD)

G. "Octopus" Snug fitting cloche style in wool with flower in mohair, silk & wool.  All Merino wool except for the flower. Strangest flower yet! Not for sale.

 H.  "Ruffles" Merino & Romney wool semi-floppy style cloche.  Flower is Merino wool & mohair. (SOLD)



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