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hats 'n scarves

I've decided to make scarves to go with some of my hats.  I've had lots of requests for them, but haven't really felt I had time to seriously consider it.  Then I bought some new fancier display heads for the holiday fairs and realized they were much bigger than the one's I'd been using and looked bare with just a hat.  They desperately needed scarves.  So I made  some to go with a few of the fancier hats.  This page is the result of my efforts to date.  More may come if there's enough interest.  They can be purchased either as a set or separately.

Click images for enlarged view and more info, or to buy.


A. Wool, silk & mohair pill box style hat.  All wool hand woven scarf.  Hat is size medium large $70. Scarf is 4 ft. X 6 in. $65  Hat is also #G on the Wool Skull Caps page. Click image for more info or to buy hat, scarf or both.

B. Both hat and scarf are wool with novelty fibers & silver cord. Hat is loose knit one size fits all & can also be seen on the Lumpy Knit Hats  page #L  $65.  Scarf  is 5 ft. X 4 1/4 in. $55 (SOLD)   Click image to buy hat only. See also Lumpy Knit Hats page. 

 C. All wool extra long knit snood style hat with scarf. Hat is size medium to extra large $60.  Scarf is wool & llama wool knit, measuring 8 ft. X 4 1/2 in. $80. Both together $130. Click image for more info or to buy either hat, scarf, or both.

D. Wool, angora & malamute lumpy knit hat  with silver beads, sequins, satin ribbon & silver mesh fabric. One size fits all $75. (SOLD) Scarf is wool, loose knit, with silver novelty fiber added 4.5 ft X 3.5 in. $40  (SOLD)

E. Wool, alpaca, mohair & malamute lumpy knit hat & scarf.  Hat is one size fits all.  Scarf is 5 inches wide and 45 inches long.  Custom order (SOLD)

 F.  Mohair rainbow hat & very long knitted scarf.  Hat is size medium to medium large.  Scarf is about 8 ft. long and 7 inches wide. (SOLD)




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