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All hats are handspun, hand dyed, and one of a kind.  You will find all hats currently available on the Hats Now in Stock page and may order directly from that page, or any of the other pages featuring specific styles, using PayPal.  If you prefer to send a check or other form of payment, please email me at kundrol at gmail dot com.mailing  

Please let me know if you have any problem using PayPal or would like to send payment in a non-US currency.  Paypal now accepts payments in many foreign currencies. 

Prices are based on time plus materials.  Shipping is $7.00 for up to three hats by  USPS Priority Mail or $5.00 for ground mail.  If you wish to order more than 3 hats, please contact me.

Some of the hats on pages other than the Hats Now in Stock page are intended as samples only and are no longer for sale.  You may custom order a hat similar to any hat on the site any time other than December, by following the instructions below.  I'm unable to do custom orders during December because of increased demand during the holidays and the need to prepare for Christmas crafts fairs.

To custom order a hat:

1. Decide which style you want by looking at the samples.   

2. Look at the "design options" page, and decide if you would like a particular design for the top of your hat.

3. Decide on your main color and fiber preferences, plus any other details regarding what you would like.  Most hats other than the Rainbow Hats and Spring & Summer Hats are mostly wool with designs and trim in mohair, alpaca, silk, tencel, llama or wool.

4. Email me your order including diameter for tams and head size. I size my hats by head circumference rather than standard commercial sizing.  Small medium = 19 to 21" Medium = 21 to 22 1/2" Medium large - 22 1/2 to 23"  Large = 23 - 24"  Extra Large = over 24"

5. Cost is generally close to the same as that of the style hat you are ordering unless there is significantly more work involved.  Each situation is different, but generally any extra would not be more than $10.  If it's REALLY difficult then we would have to work out whatever seems fair.

6. I will reply with confirmation of your order within two days.

7. Once your order has been confirmed, if not using PayPal, send a check or money order made out to Lisa Grant for the cost of the hat plus $7 shipping by Priority Mail within the US.  Shipping rates may vary with international mail.  Send payment to:

Lisa Grant
P. O. Box 43
Ukiah, CA 95482
707-462-6398 or 510-541-2903

8. Your hat will be shipped within three weeks if custom ordered, and within one week at most if you are ordering a hat now in stock.

9. If you have any questions at all please write, call or email me.

If you wish to return or exchange your hat, I will be happy to work that out with you.  If you want to return your hat,  just let me know what the problem is and mail it back to me within 14 days.  I will promptly send you a full refund, provided the hat is not damaged. 

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How to Order