This is an extra fancy lumpy round cap made from a wild combination of fibers.  It's one size fits all and fully covers the ears.  The gray sections are made from dark charcoal gray Merino wool blended with white malamute hair and then plied with sparkly angelina cord that has subtle fuchsia and turquoise accents.  It's very soft and fluffy.  The lumpy section just above the ribbing at the bottom is a wonderful blend of fibers, beads, lace, mesh, and angelina.  The fibers are wool, silk, mohair and cotton.  The middle section is undyed Corriedale wool with clumps of pink and blue mohair blended in.  The top most section is some wool, cotton and angelina with big chunks of pink mohair added in.  The solid color fuchsia and turquoise are Corriedale wool.