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Lumpy Knit Hats




Wool, mohair & malamute


Wool, silk, alpaca, llama & mohair


Wool & mohair


This page represents a knit hat style I've developed using lumpier, bulkier yarns. Some of the yarns for these hats are plied for added thickness and interesting effects. Lumpy yarns are spun thick and thin, with emphasis on the thick.  My yarns always have some variation, but these are a bit more radical, and many of them include blends of two or three fibers with lots of multi-color hand painting and variegated effects.  Since making these 'art yarns' is very time consuming, I can't always make enough myself, so I sometimes purchase some from other spinners: Juaquetta Holcomb at gardenpartyfibers,  Jenn at midnightskysfibers, and Jenny at whirledyarn.  You can find them all on my Links page.  My daughter Alexis is now helping me out also.  She's been making some great yarns, and she now has her own page here.  All hat designs are my own original creations, and no patterns were used. These hats can be pulled down over the ears and are about the same length as the Striped Watch Caps.  They are mostly one-size-fits all.  It's also possible to wear some of them turned inside out, either down over the ears or turned up.  Experiment!  Click images for enlarged view and more info.


AA.  Wool, alpaca, & silk.  One size fits all $60  (SOLD)

B.  Wool, tensel & mohair.  Slouchy, loose fit.  One size fits all. $70 

C. Loose knit medium weight wool, mohair, silk, llama & malamute.  One size fits all $65 (SOLD)


D.  Wool & wool plied with sparkly novelty fiber.  Size medium to medium large $60

E.  Loose knit medium to bulky wool & mohair.  Size small to medium $60.

F.  Loose knit medium to bulky weight wool, malamute, mohair & angora plied with gold thread & tiny gold leaves.  One size fits all $70 (SOLD)

G. Medium to extra bulky weight wool, samoyed hair & angelina. One size fits all. $75 (SOLD)

 H.  Two-ply medium & extra bulky wool, mohair & silk with beaded tassel at the top.  Size medium.  $70 (SOLD)

I.  Medium to bulky weight loose knit wool, mohair & silk.  One size fits all. $60

J.  Loose knit wool, poodle & chow hair with glass beads.  Size  medium $60

K.  Wool & mohair with bits of novelty fiber blended in. One size fits all $65  (SOLD)

L.  Loose knit medium to bulky weight wool & art yarn with bits of novelty fiber & sparkle.  One size fits all $65 

M.  Wool, llama wool & mohair.  Size large $70

N.  Wool, mohair, silk & cotton with bits of novelty fiber, feathers, & beaded tassel.  Fits size medium to large. $70 (SOLD)



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