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Rainbow hats are available in fine handspun kid mohair, wool, and silk.  Each hat is a unique, one-of-a-kind fiber art creation, which is produced in the same spirit as the creation of a painting or any other art project.  It is impossible to make two alike.  I call them rainbow hats because they're created from a blending of many different colors.  Each color is dyed separately.  I then blend the colors together with my carding brushes and spin the bats into variegated yarn.  So, you may order a custom hat similar to, but not exactly the same, as those pictured below.  When ordering, it's best to specify one to three main colors.  Sizes are basically  medium, medium large, large, and x-large.  The mohair hats tend to stretch out a bit more with wear than the wool hats, so keep that in mind when deciding which size to order. These hats are extremely soft to the touch and also tend to be quite water repellant, as are all my winter hats, because the fiber used has not been stripped of its natural lanolin with the harsh chemicals used in commercial processing.  Mohair is softer and silkier, and has a lovely sheen to it, while  wool is more matte in appearance. You may custom order a hat between January and September according to directions on the How to Order page.   These hats are extremely labor intensive, so I probably won't be making more unless someone requests a custom order.

 A.  Wool, silk, llama wool & malamute cloche with flower.  Size large $70  (SOLD)

 B. Something new.  All lumpy spun mohair rainbow cloche with curly tendrils here and there. Made by my daughter, Allie.  Size medium large $70.  See Allie's Hats page. (SOLD)

C. Kid mohair, silk, & bamboo cloche with flower. Size medium large $75 (SOLD)
 D. Kid mohair with silk trim in shades of olive, orange, gray & lavender. Size medium large $75 (SOLD)   F.  All wool with tiny bits of sparkly angelina.  Size medium large $65  (SOLD)


E. Kid mohair with silk trim in a brown to green palette accented with bits of orange and blue. Size large $75 (SOLD)
G. Wool & wool/silk blend with silk trim & sparkle accents. Size medium $55 (SOLD) H.  Kid mohair with silk flower & trim. Size extra long medium large $70 (SOLD) I. Wool with bits of silk blended in & silk trim. Bulky Corriedale wool. Size large $70 (SOLD)




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