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some design options 

A variety of options are available for the crown of your handspun hat.  Some examples are shown below.  Please specify when ordering a custom hat whether you prefer a plain crown or one of these designs. "Popcorns" are little nubbly balls worked into the design for added texture and interest and seem to be very popular. 

(A) Flower design (1)

  (B) Flower design (2) with square design at center

(C) Flower design (3)

(D) Large round flower design 

(E) Large round design with plain border on skull cap

(F) Plain wide stripe design on wool striped cap 

(G) Wavy design top of skull cap

(H)  Wheel design on round cap


(I) Square design at center of tam

(J)  Rolled linen & silk skull cap with square design at the crown

(K) Popcorns on wool striped cap

(L) Wide flower design with popcorn center of tam

(M)  Open scallop design on linen skull cap (N) Repeated open scallop design on silk skull cap.

(O)  Open wheel design in flower center on big flower hat

(P) Wheel design on hemp noil spring skull cap in shell stitch



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