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striped watch caps


Mohair cap Wool cap Wool cap

These hats have a turned up brim and are designed to cover the ears for colder winter weather, like an old fashioned watch cap, but more colorful and mostly striped.  They are all handspun, hand dyed, and hand made by me and come in a variety of colors and original one-of-a-kind designs.  They are made from all natural fibers.  The primary fiber used is wool which has been spun medium to bulky weight.  Trim is generally done in silk, mohair, llama wool, or alpaca.  No synthetic fibers were used.   Hats are priced from $55 to $60 based on time plus materials.  I occasionally make hats entirely from kid or yearling mohair with silk trim, and these are $65 to $70.  I can generally do custom orders on sold hats that are similar in color and design. Click on the images for an enlarged view and additional information.  Help with custom ordering  a hat can be found on the How to Order page. 

A.  All wool.  Size large $60  

 B. All wool knit cap.  Size medium large $55  (SOLD)

C.  Wool & malamute hair.  Size medium large $60


D. All wool.  Size medium large $60 (SOLD)

E. Wool & alpaca.  Size large. $65 (SOLD)

F. All wool.  All natural colors.  No dyes used  Size medium.  $60 (SOLD)

G.  Wool with alpaca & malamute trim.  Size medium $60 

 H.  Wool & llama with silk trim. Size medium large $60 (SOLD)

I.  Wool with silk trim.  Size large $65

J. All wool.  Size medium large $60   (SOLD)

K.  Wool & malamute hair.  Size large $60  (SOLD)

L.  Wool & silk.  Size large $60



How to Order