This is a loose knit one size fits all hat with a ribbed brim that can be worn turned up or down.  Either way it will cover the ears.  The ribbing is undyed beige llama wool and white malamute hair plied together.  The variegated section above the ribbing is hand painted baby alpaca wool.  The white lumpy section above that is very bulky weight Corriedale wool plied with beige tencel.  There's a thin stripe of beige afghan hound hair next up that's a bit hard to see.  Then some olive green Corriedale between the two lumpy sections.  The first is plain white bulky spun Corriedale wool.  The fuzzy section above it is a blend of natural beige llama wool and white Malamute hair.  Next up is more of the white Corriedale plied with beige tencel.  The very beige section above that is some medium bulky weight Corriedale wool dyed with black tea.  The white lumpy section above that is more of the bulky weight Corriedale plied with variegated gold, blue and green tencel.  The top section is more beige llama and malamute plied together.  The pom pom is natural brown llama wool blended with light gray akita hair and plied with gold cotton thread.