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This page contains all of my hats currently for sale, except for those on the Hats 'n Scarves page and some on Allie's Hats, which won't fit here.  Links are to pages that tell more about the specific styles.  Click images for enlarged view.  Each hat is one of a kind, and all are made from my own handspun and hand dyed yarns.

1.  Wool & silk tam.  Size medium large $65

2.  Linen big flower hat with linen & cotton flower center.  Size medium large $70 (SOLD)  

3.  Linen & organic cotton open stitch tam.  Size medium large $65 (SOLD)  

4.    Wool watch cap with silk trim.  Size medium $60 

5.  Two-ply medium & extra bulky wool, mohair & silk lumpy knit hat.  Size medium $70 (SOLD)

6.  Wool, silk & malamute big flower hat  with llama wool trim.  Size medium $75

7.  All wool watch cap.  Size medium large $60

 8.  Wool watch cap with silk trim.  Size large $65

9.  Wool & mohair lumpy knit hat with bits of novelty fiber blended into the art yarns.  One size fits all.  $65 (SOLD)
10.   All wool round cap.  Size medium large $50.

11.  Wool & silk round cap.  Size medium large $50

12.  Loose knit medium to extra bulky wool lumpy knit hat with art yarn including bits of novelty fiber & sparkle.  One size fits all $65 

13.  All hemp cloche style round cap with beaded big flowerBead is sandalwood.   Size medium $70. (SOLD)
14.  Wool tam with samoyed hair popcorns around the top.   Size medium $70. (SOLD)

15.   Wool, mohair & silk lumpy knit hat with bits of novelty fibers. (SOLD)

16.  Mostly wool, with some tencel & mohair lumpy knit hat..  Slouchy style, loose fitting.  One size fits all.  $70

17. Large 11 inch tam in Corriedale, Suffolk & Merino wool with angora & gold metallic trim.  Size medium large. $70

  18.  Wool round cap with silk trim.  Size  extra large $50 (SOLD)

19. All wool ski cap . Size medium large $60 

20.  Wool & alpaca ski cap. Size medium large $65 

21. Wool ski cap with silk trim & beaded ties.  Size medium large $60 

22.  Wool & samoyed hair ski cap with tassel.  Size large $65

23.  Wool, llama wool & mohair lumpy knit ski cap.  Size large $70

 24.  Wool & silk ski cap  Size  medium $60

25. Cotton & linen  skull cap Size medium large $48

 26. All wool watch cap.  Size medium large $65 (SOLD) 27.   Wool & llama modified tassel fez style hat.  Size medium $65 
28.  Slouchy bamboo, linen, silk & chiengora snood style hat.  Size medium $65 (See also Allie's Hats page)

 29.  Wool cloche style round cap with silk & chiengora trim & flower. Size large $55  (SOLD)

30. Organic hemp, linen, bamboo & cotton round cap.  Size medium $48 (SOLD)
31.All wool knit long round cap.  Size medium to medium large.  $55

32.  Pill box style hat with extra thick, lumpy spun top in wool, silk & mohair.  Gray band is wool.  See also with matching scarf on Hats 'n Scarves page. Size medium large $60 
33. All wool watch cap.  Size large $60/font>

34. Alpaca, chiengora, wool & mohair tam. Size large (11 in.)  $70

35.  Mohair, silk & wool lumpy knit hat. Size large $75 (See also Allie's Hats page) (SOLD)
36. Chiengora, angora and wool snood style hat.  (See also Allie's Hats page) One size fits all $50 (SOLD)

37.   Lumpy knit knit hat with glass beads.  Size medium $60

38.  Wool & mohair cloche with silk & chiengora trim & flower.  Size medium large $55

39.  Wool & mohair cloche style round cap.  Size medium $55 

40.   Bamboo & hemp  skull cap.   Size medium $50
41. Wool, angora & malamute 11 inch diameter tam.  Size extra large $70

42. Mostly cotton lumpy knit hat with blends of cotton/silk, wool/cotton/silk & pink mohair curls.  Loose fit.  One size fits all $70 (SOLD)
 43. Lumpy knit hat made from wool, malamute & wool/angora blend plied with gold thread & tiny gold leaves. One size fits all $70.  (SOLD)
44.  Linen & cotton skull cap.  Size medium large $45 (SOLD)

45.  Wool, mohair, silk & cotton lumpy knit hat with bits of novelty fiber, feathers & beaded tassel.  Fits size medium to large $70 (SOLD)
46.  Wool & silk watch cap.   Size large $60 

47.   Wool lumpy knit hat with wool plied with sparkly novelty fiber. Fits medium to medium large $60

48.  All wool knit snood style hat.  Size large $60.  See also Hats & Scarves page.

49.  Loose knit medium to bulky weight lumpy knit hat.  Size small to medium $60.

50.   Wool, mohair & silk & cotton lumpy knit hat with bits of novelty fiber & sparkly angelina. One size fits all $60

54.  52. Wool fez style skull cap with beaded tassel.  Size medium $65 
56. Wool & angora toddler size baby hat with fuzzy popcorns and silk trim around the top.  Fits 6 months to 2 years. $30

57. All wool toddler size baby hat with popcorns  around the top.   Fits 6 mos. to 2 years. $30 

 58. All wool toddler size baby hat.   Fits 1 to 3 years. $25

59.  Wool & silk toddler size baby hat. Fits 1 to 2 years $35

60.  Bamboo & mohair toddler size baby hat with fuzzy mohair pompom at the top. See also Allie's HatsFits 1 to 3 years $35

 61. All wool toddler size baby hatFits 6 months to 2 years.  $30



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